Simply put - it's all about building a profitable recurring revenue cloud business - that's what we do.

Whether you are an IT Solutions Provider that needs a plan to capitalize on cloud - that's what we do. Or if you, as the IT Solutions Provider need to implement marketing and sales 2.o and need some guidance - that's what we do.

If you a cloud technology vendor that is aggressively driving down the recurring revenue path and need a productive channel, and need to deliver marketing and sales 2.0 help to your partners and/or cloud business building assistance - that's what we do.

“We have developed a total success formula for any qualified and committed MSP to profit from the cloud.  It begins with our state-of-the-art hosted services and world-class operational support but also includes a technology integration strategy for delivering customer solutions and a business-building strategy for our partners to accelerate revenue growth and maximize profitability,” commented JJ Milner, Managing Director of Global Micro. “Through our partnership with CSBexcellence, we now have the most extensive program for becoming a successful managed cloud service provider in the market place.”

JJ Milner, Managing Director of Global Micro

Filling your sales funnel of your cloud solutions is largely a math problem - take a look

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