1. Your Business Outcomes Value Prop - Clients are not buying technology widgets any longer, they are buying business outcomes and that comes in the form of cloud. Have you created your differentiated business outcomes focused value prop including your high value, high MRR and high margin cloud solutions/bundles and services?
  2. Your Target Personas Including Business Managers - Your cheese has moved - selling technology to techs is going away, today your buyer of cloud are Business Managers. Have you defined in detail your selected target client and/or partner personas that most resonate to your value prop?
  3. Your Digital Marketing And Sales Website - No one reads huge websites any longer. Your visitors want simple that speaks to them - they want to quickly know how you are, what you do and what's in it for them etc. Have you created your digital marketing and sales enabled website that clearly articulates your value prop to your target personas?
  4. Your Digital Marketing And Sales Plan - Today the buyer is in control - it's called the buyers journey - 1. Attract 2. Convert 3. Nurture 4. Close 5. Delight. Have you created your digital marketing and sales plan that addresses today's new world of sales and marketing model driven by the buyers journey?
  5. Your Recurring Revenue Cloud Financial Model - The devil is in the details here with many metrics and KPI's that are new to you but also mandatory for success. Have you created your 3 year recurring revenue cloud financial model that includes all variables and KPI’s required to build a profitable high value cloud business?
  6. Your Digital Marketing And Sales Execution - Have you created your digital marketing and sales function that addresses today's new world of sales and marketing model driven by the buyers journey and that also focuses heavily on achieving a low Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) and high Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)?
  7. Optimize Everything Based On KPIs - Have you put in place a process to monitor, measure and react to your top KPIs to ensure you are meeting your business goals?

Filling your sales funnel of your cloud solutions is largely a math problem - take a look

In just a few weeks, CSBexcellence has created a Playbook foundation that has grown week after week to become an incredibly valuable tool for us.  CSBexcellence has been highly responsive to Google Apps resellers, turning around quickly when challenged by us resellers to come up with new ideas and concepts well suited to what we experience on a daily basis in the field.  You guys have already surpassed our expectations for our participation to this program.  We can assure you that we are looking forward to the next few weeks/calls to discover what you guys will next come up with to surprise us!!!"

Sylvain Patry, Senior VP, Business Development, Hostpapa 

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