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ebook-image-150Fill Your Funnel with Qualified Buyers of Cloud Services
This eBook covers the 10 most critical steps for building a scalable and managed digital marketing engine. They explain the importance of creating content that is both relevant to your buyer personas as well as their stage in the buying process. They provide a perspective that inbound marketing involves a broad set of skills and disciplines that work together like components of a high performance engine.


IMA-image-100Digital Marketing Assessment Checklist
Want to gauge the status of your Digital Marketing Engine? We developed this easy-to-use 25 point checklist to assess the completeness of your inbound marketing. It will tell you where you have things covered and where there are gaps.


BGM-image-300Cloud MSP Business Growth Model
It is critical to align your inbound marketing strategy with your business goals. You will want to understand the expected outcomes that will be produced by your marketing investment. Your business plan should have goals for revenue growth average contract value and deal acquisition rate.


PP-image-300Cloud MSP Portfolio Planner
Average deal value is an essential building block for a recurring revenue business. Have you packaged the right cloud services with your own managed services to form high-value solutions?  Use the Cloud MSP Portfolio Planner to model deal scenarios and their impact on revenue & profitability.
FM-image-300Funnel Metrics Modeling Tool
Your marketing plan should contain performance targets that align with those goals. Marketing targets are best defined as sales funnel metrics that allow you to constantly measure the health of your funnel and quickly identify when, where and how it is underperforming.


IM-Campaign-Checklist-Image-croppedDigital Marketing Campaign Checklist
Here is a comprehensive checklist of the steps needed to run a successful inbound marketing campaign- from identifying your target audience to tracking your results. It provides an in-depth understanding of our approach with links to relevant blog posts and materials.


MIB-DS-150-022814Digital Marketing-as-a-Service Description
This document provides a brief summary of the CSBexcellence Managed Inbound Marketing Service that provides an inbound marketing engine for channel partners to fill their sales funnel with qualified leads and drive the growth of their business.



Exec-Sum-image-150Digital Marketing-as-a-Service Executive Summary
This document provides a complete description of the CSBexcellence Digital Marketing-as-a-Service including its performance goals, client engagement model, service plans, pricing and return on investment analysis.