Digital Marketing-as-a-Service for cloud vendors and cloud msps – a digital marketing msp

Our flagship service is our Digital Marketing-as-a-Service designed specifically for MSPs and CSPs trying to make a business out of the cloud, and that completely understand the world of marketing has turned upside down, now being driven by the "buyers journey". We bring the "best of two worlds" to the table,

  1. We've been in the MSP and now cloud world for well over twenty years - we know this market and your business, as well, if not better than you do - we speak your language

  2. We are a Hubspot Gold certified partner - Hubspot invented and is now perfecting this new world of marketing that they call "inbound marketing" - aka digital marketing - this makes us experts

Today, with the dramatic customer adoption of cloud, and emergence of digital marketing lead by the buyers journey, the cloud MSP must modernize their marketing and sales model. The marketing and sales model that the MSP used to build their business to-date simply won’t work today to grow their business going forward – here’s why,

  1. The buyer is now in charge of the sales process searching-for and self-educating themselves on potential solutions for their business problems – all by consuming content along their journey. It is up to the cloud MSP create their solid cloud and managed services brand and make it clearly visible to their personas with remarkable content and consistently promote that remarkable content.

  2. In yesterday’s business when you would got paid a large up front fee immediately after closing a deal your Cost of Customer Acquisition was immediately recovered. Now with your recurring revenue cloud and managed services business you get your revenue a little bit over time and in most cases with little to no revenue up front. Digital marketing model is mandatory in a recurring revenue cloud and managed services business model due to it's overall lower costs.


Identical to an MSP providing managed IT services to their clients, that leverages time-sliced technical resources of varying skills sets and salary levels, and utilizes an automation platform to lower Costs of Service delivery among many customers, all allowing the MSP to offer better services at a lower cost then the customer can provide – the CSBexcellence Marketing-as-a-Service model does the same thing.


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Do you know how may leads you need to fill your sales funnel?